1. 2-minutes-for-having-a-big-ass:

    I see that ass and that flow. You do the hockey.

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  2. favorite NHL twitters alex ovechkin

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  3. pricernellkarl:

    I need to know how to meet a hockey player and actually become their wives their friends

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  4. the-toms:

    Why date a 19 year old when you could date a 19 year old in the NHL

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  5. coolbloqqer:

    hot people are so lucky im so pissed

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  6. there goes a fighter

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  7. Adam Burish is everyone’s obnoxious big brother.

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  8. do-the-kaner-shuffle:

    A compilation of Patrick’s mullet - 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014

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  9. (x)

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  10. itshockeystoriesbyphoebe:

    Hi, my name is Phoebe, and I’m completely and totally obsessed with this guy. 

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  11. sabreshockey63:

    Because it’s The Cup.

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  13. nhlbruins:

    Check out the new @tdgarden banner for the Boston Bruins 2014 Playoffs, presented by America’s Compounding Center! Game 1 is set for this Friday at 7:30 p.m. ET in Boston. #NHLBruins

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  14. boston-caleb:

    part 2 of maddie’s wish is on behind the b tonight; look at tuukka in the background, he just looks proud

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